Virgen Milagrosa Educational Institution

Virgen Milagrosa Educational Institution

Price: ₹ 12,69,000

The construction of VIRGEN MILAGROSA MEDICAL CENTER was started in 1972 and it was completed, blessed, and inaugurated in February 16, 1974. It was a 100-bed capacity with ICU, CCU, and complete laboratory facilities.

In June 1976, VIRGEN MILAGROSA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION (VMEI) INC. was established and other Courses such as Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, & Electrical), Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Physical Therapy, BS Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiologic Technology, BS Secretarial Administration, and Machine Shop were granted permits to operate.

It was also the birth of the Institutes of Arts and Science and the Secretarial Science and the permit to operate Animal Husbandry, Nutrition & Dietetics, Medical Technology and BS Biology was granted in 1977.

The VM Child Learning Center (CLC) was initiated in 1980 with Nursery and Kindergarten classes. Every year from then on, a new grade was added until all the elementary standards were established in 1986 and meanwhile the Center was given full recognition in 1985.